For PEACE, everything is a difference and Commitment

25 Feb


It is the fact that everyday professors, philosophers, Presidents and all great people all over the word cracks their minds to find better and sustainable solutions for the problems in the world including Wars, Hunger, Drought, and many more. They spend a lot of time and billions of money trying their level best. But, as they work hard to solve problems, they create even more hazardous problems than those they work on to eradicate.

This gave me a while to think deeply to figure out the best, simple and sustainable solution to all the problems that we encounter every day.

In my thorough investigations, I discovered that people have changed FACTS into POLITICS and vise versa. This is what drag us back in all the efforts we take to overcome whatever problem in this world.

We spend a lot of time in  speaking than performing actual things, and if we perform is just for  show-up. We want others to know that we are doing, we concentrate in creating and dragging people’s attention than creating ends which will drag attentions of those things that we want others to know.

A simple example to demonstrate it, Let take a look on Conflict in DRC since it was started is over a decades now. Since then we were experiencing International Governments calling for mutual action to solve the problem, and billions of money is spent to the mission, though nothing changed.

What does this imply to you? Does it mean the rebels are more powerful than all nations came together to fight for PEACE? Why problem still prevails?

I think everyone have different answers to these questions, Right?

For me, what I see in this world is that, people are now changed toward the opposite direction. “WE SPEAK WHAT WE DON’T DO AND DO WHAT WE DON’T SPEAK”, We teach Hurt-rage NOT LOVE, we transmit to people the spirit of FEAR not CONFIDENCE, we have not  tolerance to one another. Each nation has its own ambition toward what is happening, others for benefits, and this is the fact.

Then what do we need to change the world (problems facing the world)?

Since I was very young I was asking myself, what do I need to change my family? I was asking this question because I was experiencing hard life. Going to school without eating, without sandals, without exercise books, though at that time my family was even better than others.

One day I told myself that I want PEACE to change my family. But then another question was how PEACE? In my family we were born seven in number, all boys. Three elders and three  younger, I was in middle of them. What came to my mind was that, I was born alone, I have NO relative, I have NO parents, and there is NO any other person in the world, that means I am the only person with power and ability to decide whether to live happy life or NOT.

Then the answer to all those question was that, “To change my family I don’t need someone else since I was born alone, I need to know who I am, what do I need and then commit myself to my desires”

Today this dream had NOW graduated and grown UP; I need to change NOT only my family, BUT also the world. The questions remain the same, and the answer look like that of those days.

“…To change the world I don’t  need to know everything, rather, knowing of who I am, and commit into my desires”

But still there is another question which emerges, and probably need answers from whoever come across it. The Question is that. WHO I AM TO KNOW MYSELF?

To get best answers of this question DO NOT answer Me. Ask yourself this question, then give the answer from within your INNER VOICE (CONSCIENCE)

After then go for what you gave as an answer.

This is what we need to change the world. We don’t need Global Leaders’ Summit; we need only every leader in their respective country to commit into change. We need a world in which we will do whatever we agree on, the world where fact will remain fact and politics to be politics, the world in which conflicts will be addressed from the roots and totally eradicated, the world in which PEACE prevails the world of betterment and safeness of human kind.


 My Peace


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3 responses to “For PEACE, everything is a difference and Commitment

  1. tamigilford

    February 26, 2014 at 2:49 am

    Reblogged this on Tami Gilford.

  2. tamigilford

    February 27, 2014 at 6:31 am

    simple… but brilliant, Finland! Keep it up!!! 🙂
    Peace to you brother
    ~~Tami Gilford
    Writing for Peace 2014

    • African Voice of Peace

      February 27, 2014 at 1:33 pm

      Thanks a lot Tami.
      Peace will be PEACE only there are those, speak of, fight for and live in with.

      We made a decision to go for it, let No one pull us, disappoint us and shut off what we have we have for PEACE.


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