Get to Know about One Action Tanzania.

27 Feb

Oh God

Today after done with seminar about Post 2015 Development Agenda which I was  preparing  it for the whole last wee and which was facilitated by Tanzania United Nations Development Program Economic adviser Mr. Rogers Dhilwayo, I got sometimes to check in my program which I still work on it.

Here is all you need to know about it One Action Tanzania, a country initiative for Peace.

My request is to you my readers and PEACE wishers to go though it, DOWNLOAD the document, read it, add your comments, suggestions and send me back to make it BIGGER and VIBRANT.

What is One Action?
One Action is an initiative for Peace focus on empowering communities to engage in issues of societal concern through great participation in panel discussion, social activities, education, entertainment (games and sports) with the aim of bringing sense of togetherness among the members of the community in fighting against all potentials to the threatening of peace in community.

Also the cause aimed at conducting researches on various issues and problems which face Tanzania societies which have great implication in threatening peace and come out with alternative measures to deal with those potential in peace threatening.

“It was hard for me to believe that in Tanzania there is no Peace. I believed so much in my country until 17 0f August, 2013 where robbers shot a person a few steps from where I was standing around GBP Petrol Station in Sinza Mori Dar es Salaam. For sure it was my first time to see such a thing in my life, it was very hurtful for me because my life is envisioned in peace and I believed that my country is a peacefully place in the world. This action awakens my heart desire to make sure that world become as good and peaceful place as history portray. I believe that my single action if combined with that of other7 billion world people, we will change the world to be a better and safe place for everyone to live in”. By: Finland Bernard 

Read More Here: About One Action Tanzania >>>

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