No test No Testimony, I hate thief !

28 Feb


Today was the worst day of my 2014, though I am not sure that is a beginning or end of this terrible thing in my ways.

I wake up early in the morning, rushed to the office to perform my duties, after sometime I went to the City Center of Dar es salaam POSTER because had an appointment to meet a person from Tanzania  Immigration Office. After done with the meeting I went to  Immigration  main office at Kurasini.

It was around 2 pm when I was done with my day schedule and I was about to go back home. Due to transport problems we had to fight to get into bus, here something went wrong…. after I took the seat I realized that my bag was  unzipped and my Bank Card, Driving  Licences and Camera was not there.

It was the time when we were competing to get in to the bus where robbers used that chance to unzip my bag and stole my  properties. For sure they took away my PEACE today, I though and asked myself, Why this happen? Where do they taking my Driving Licence and my Bank Card? Why are they doing this??

ONE answer came to me, “We don’t have PEACE because we forgot that we belong to one another” They don’t have PEACE within, they don’t have PEACE without, They feel that they are in their own world and they are Happy for Nothing.

But what can we do for this people, what is the driving force behind them?, is that the way they their whole life goes?

This is  embracing life style, and I was always use  hear from people that robbers has stolen their thing and I was kinder reluctant in  believing that. NOW I AM, I have to  testify that sometime those who kill robbers they do not plan to do, but things happen  unconscious.

For Me what I want is PEACE, I pray for them to change, and I believe that if they will find a true PEACE in them, they will STOP doing this.

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