Transfer of from African Voice of Peace to One Action Tanzania

BlogDear Peace wishers.

I kindly inform you that we have new blog which have the name of the organization that we are working on. Due to mismatch between this blog name and the organization name we agreed that we have to create another blog with the name of organization “One Action Tanzania” but with the same content from this blog. We are sorry for any inconveniences, but we have to agree that whatever we do is for the sake of PEACE.

It is our hope that you will follow us in our new blog, share, comment and even send some stories to share with others.

May God’s PEACE be with you in whatever you are doing and make it possible for you to join the cause for the sake of better world for everyone to live in.

Best Regards,

Finland Bernard

CEO: One Action Tanzania

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The Tanzania New constitution should ensure PEACE to the country and it’s people


We are in the process of creating Tanzania New constitution where before we were using the 1997 Tanzania constitution.

In this new constitution there are area of more concentration and people’s concern which need to be addressed wisely so that we can create The Tanzania we want. 

Today was the official opening of the special constitutional parliament where the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete addressed to the parliament. 

In his speech he spoke on the issue of union between Tanganyika ans Zanzibar , the issue of three governments and our others. Most of all he asked to a special parliamentary that they should ensure that their discussions creating bright destiny for Tanzania and its people. Such a wonderful speech. 

One Tanzania, One People, One Action


My Peace

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Writing for Peace 2014 Day six (6)

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No test No Testimony, I hate thief !


Today was the worst day of my 2014, though I am not sure that is a beginning or end of this terrible thing in my ways.

I wake up early in the morning, rushed to the office to perform my duties, after sometime I went to the City Center of Dar es salaam POSTER because had an appointment to meet a person from Tanzania  Immigration Office. After done with the meeting I went to  Immigration  main office at Kurasini.

It was around 2 pm when I was done with my day schedule and I was about to go back home. Due to transport problems we had to fight to get into bus, here something went wrong…. after I took the seat I realized that my bag was  unzipped and my Bank Card, Driving  Licences and Camera was not there.

It was the time when we were competing to get in to the bus where robbers used that chance to unzip my bag and stole my  properties. For sure they took away my PEACE today, I though and asked myself, Why this happen? Where do they taking my Driving Licence and my Bank Card? Why are they doing this??

ONE answer came to me, “We don’t have PEACE because we forgot that we belong to one another” They don’t have PEACE within, they don’t have PEACE without, They feel that they are in their own world and they are Happy for Nothing.

But what can we do for this people, what is the driving force behind them?, is that the way they their whole life goes?

This is  embracing life style, and I was always use  hear from people that robbers has stolen their thing and I was kinder reluctant in  believing that. NOW I AM, I have to  testify that sometime those who kill robbers they do not plan to do, but things happen  unconscious.

For Me what I want is PEACE, I pray for them to change, and I believe that if they will find a true PEACE in them, they will STOP doing this.

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Get to Know about One Action Tanzania.

Oh God

Today after done with seminar about Post 2015 Development Agenda which I was  preparing  it for the whole last wee and which was facilitated by Tanzania United Nations Development Program Economic adviser Mr. Rogers Dhilwayo, I got sometimes to check in my program which I still work on it.

Here is all you need to know about it One Action Tanzania, a country initiative for Peace.

My request is to you my readers and PEACE wishers to go though it, DOWNLOAD the document, read it, add your comments, suggestions and send me back to make it BIGGER and VIBRANT.

What is One Action?
One Action is an initiative for Peace focus on empowering communities to engage in issues of societal concern through great participation in panel discussion, social activities, education, entertainment (games and sports) with the aim of bringing sense of togetherness among the members of the community in fighting against all potentials to the threatening of peace in community.

Also the cause aimed at conducting researches on various issues and problems which face Tanzania societies which have great implication in threatening peace and come out with alternative measures to deal with those potential in peace threatening.

“It was hard for me to believe that in Tanzania there is no Peace. I believed so much in my country until 17 0f August, 2013 where robbers shot a person a few steps from where I was standing around GBP Petrol Station in Sinza Mori Dar es Salaam. For sure it was my first time to see such a thing in my life, it was very hurtful for me because my life is envisioned in peace and I believed that my country is a peacefully place in the world. This action awakens my heart desire to make sure that world become as good and peaceful place as history portray. I believe that my single action if combined with that of other7 billion world people, we will change the world to be a better and safe place for everyone to live in”. By: Finland Bernard 

Read More Here: About One Action Tanzania >>>

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For PEACE, everything is a difference and Commitment


It is the fact that everyday professors, philosophers, Presidents and all great people all over the word cracks their minds to find better and sustainable solutions for the problems in the world including Wars, Hunger, Drought, and many more. They spend a lot of time and billions of money trying their level best. But, as they work hard to solve problems, they create even more hazardous problems than those they work on to eradicate.

This gave me a while to think deeply to figure out the best, simple and sustainable solution to all the problems that we encounter every day.

In my thorough investigations, I discovered that people have changed FACTS into POLITICS and vise versa. This is what drag us back in all the efforts we take to overcome whatever problem in this world.

We spend a lot of time in  speaking than performing actual things, and if we perform is just for  show-up. We want others to know that we are doing, we concentrate in creating and dragging people’s attention than creating ends which will drag attentions of those things that we want others to know.

A simple example to demonstrate it, Let take a look on Conflict in DRC since it was started is over a decades now. Since then we were experiencing International Governments calling for mutual action to solve the problem, and billions of money is spent to the mission, though nothing changed.

What does this imply to you? Does it mean the rebels are more powerful than all nations came together to fight for PEACE? Why problem still prevails?

I think everyone have different answers to these questions, Right?

For me, what I see in this world is that, people are now changed toward the opposite direction. “WE SPEAK WHAT WE DON’T DO AND DO WHAT WE DON’T SPEAK”, We teach Hurt-rage NOT LOVE, we transmit to people the spirit of FEAR not CONFIDENCE, we have not  tolerance to one another. Each nation has its own ambition toward what is happening, others for benefits, and this is the fact.

Then what do we need to change the world (problems facing the world)?

Since I was very young I was asking myself, what do I need to change my family? I was asking this question because I was experiencing hard life. Going to school without eating, without sandals, without exercise books, though at that time my family was even better than others.

One day I told myself that I want PEACE to change my family. But then another question was how PEACE? In my family we were born seven in number, all boys. Three elders and three  younger, I was in middle of them. What came to my mind was that, I was born alone, I have NO relative, I have NO parents, and there is NO any other person in the world, that means I am the only person with power and ability to decide whether to live happy life or NOT.

Then the answer to all those question was that, “To change my family I don’t need someone else since I was born alone, I need to know who I am, what do I need and then commit myself to my desires”

Today this dream had NOW graduated and grown UP; I need to change NOT only my family, BUT also the world. The questions remain the same, and the answer look like that of those days.

“…To change the world I don’t  need to know everything, rather, knowing of who I am, and commit into my desires”

But still there is another question which emerges, and probably need answers from whoever come across it. The Question is that. WHO I AM TO KNOW MYSELF?

To get best answers of this question DO NOT answer Me. Ask yourself this question, then give the answer from within your INNER VOICE (CONSCIENCE)

After then go for what you gave as an answer.

This is what we need to change the world. We don’t need Global Leaders’ Summit; we need only every leader in their respective country to commit into change. We need a world in which we will do whatever we agree on, the world where fact will remain fact and politics to be politics, the world in which conflicts will be addressed from the roots and totally eradicated, the world in which PEACE prevails the world of betterment and safeness of human kind.


 My Peace


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Writing for Peace Day Five (5)

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Writing for Peace 2014 Day Four (4)

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I am the LIGHT of PEACE


It is obvious that we are not in this world as for misfortune, we have something special and different from one another, we have power ability and blessing from GOD. We have been given each with a mission to accomplish to make world a better place for everyone, thus why we are different people with different  talents, we have Doctors, Teachers, Polices and a many more.

We need each according to what God gave you to live it full, and make sure that others benefit from you.

I believe that God sent me with a great mission to accomplish in this world. I must have to go through regardless any challenges and rejections.

I promise not to step behind and let people’s rejection pull me down. I will stand for, no matter what situation I will face.

I am the light of PEACE and I will make it happen before God take my soul. I believe in this because he promised me that

“I am the light of the world and whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

And I will lead the blind in a way that they do not know, in paths that they have not known I will guide them. I will turn the darkness before them into light, the rough places into level ground. These are the things I do, and I do not forsake them.

“Ooh God, Lead me through, do not leave me or take my soul before I accomplish the mission you sent me to”

My Peace

By: Finland Bernard

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Writing for Peace Day Three (3)

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