Who is my really Neighbor ?!

22 Feb

BombsI always think how things are going in this world, I realized that we are in other planet, the planet of our own, NOT the one God gave us and told us that we have to Love our neighbor as ourself, do to them the same we would have them to do for us.

We have created our owl world where we encourage enemity than humanity, we have even changed, we have become more that beast.

Have you ever thought or asked your self who is your really neighbor in this world? How he who you believe that is the best to you think about you?

For me I think my really neighbor is the one that those days we thought was our enemy and my enemy now are those I thought they were my neighbor no matter how you will judge me.

re  But I believe that all this have is origin only in ignoring what we have been told to do to others. To LOVE the same we ought them to, to care for every individuals regardless his/her color, culture, religion, tribe and or place of origin.

If we will live accordingly, there will be what we call it a really PEACE, the peace which have its origin from peace itself not that we want to draw though guns and bombs.

The really PEACE does not cost money, time, power, energy and of can never change our status and humanity.

I wish everyone would have a thought lime mine, we could change the world without costs, neither money nor people’s life.

We could destroy all industries  producing arms and replace theme with something else which is of societal needs.

My advise to the world is that, we are the changes that we really want to see, we have every reasons and ability  Kllto change from whoever beast we are to human being. From using guns and bombs as a weapons of creating peace to LOVE, RESPECT, UNIT and caring to one another as a weapon which will guarantee us a sustainable destiny.

I know that most of you will disagree with, but the fact is that we can never bring PEACE using GUNS and BOMBS, we need to  soften our heart, learn to accept, give,  forgive  and  LOVE  without requiring anything in return.

“If guns and bombs are made to bring PEACE, they could not cost people’s life”

My PeaceBy: Finland Bernard 

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