12 Jan


I know that I am not perfect, but the good is that I know what I want and where to go….. at least there are ten (10) things that will NOT change me, my life style, Love and my relationship with others.

1. Money (Wealthy)
Whether Rich or Poor

2. Marriage status
Whether Single or Marriage

3. Job tittle
Whether Boss or Servant

4. Education
Whether Educated or Not

5. Religion
Whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan or else

6. Color
Whether Black, White or Colored

7. Tribal
Whether Pare, Chaga, Sukuma or else

8. Family Status
Whether Rich, Middle or Poor family

9. Friends
Whether Good or Bad friends

10. Gender/Sex

Oh, God, I know that you knew me since the first day of my fertilization in my mom’s womb, You have the reasons why you brought me in the world, You gave me a mission to accomplish in my life. Please, lead me through all my ways, protect Me, my family, friends,my country and the world at large. No Note take my soul before my mission is accomplished…… All this to me in your own wishes.


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Posted by on January 12, 2014 in Educational


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  1. tamigilford

    February 25, 2014 at 6:14 am

    pressed…well put brother! Amen!


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