The Power of Words in Our life

09 Jan

Today is a beautiful day with a lot of blessing from our Almighty God. For me I have million of reasons to give thanks and praises because there are those who passed away before this day. Here I would like to spread God’s Love and blessing to all those who will pass through this little article.

“Oh, God, you promised us that you will not take our soul until we accomplish the mission you sent us to deliver here in the world, please bless me and my reader, give us our daily bread and make it possible for whatever we have planned to be accomplished before the end of this year and before you take our soul. AMEN”

Then I would like to share with you what my heart was deeply felt since this week started, I was always thinking of what happening in this world, how things happens and what reason behind those thing to. At the end I come to realize that whatever happen in this world is not a night mayor, rather have relation with whatever we think, believe and speak…. this gave me a reasons to come and share with you How power of words and our has both positive and negative contribution to our life, whether failing or succeeding in whatever we have planned to accomplish in our life.

The Words that we always Speak reflect who we are and what we are…. Many of us have heard this phrase before but have you ever notice that it’s easier to remember the hurtful things said to you than the good ones?  Truth be told, words are very powerful and if used the wrong way, can hurt you.  God tells us in His word that “death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof” (Proverbs 18:21).   In other words, you will eat what you speak; the outcome of your future is a byproduct of what you speak whether good or bad.  Based upon scripture, your words can do two things for you: curse you or bless you.

Life Reflection

Was there a time in your life when the words of another deeply wounded you? What
impact did their words have upon your life?

Briefly relate a time when you were the one who spoke words of hurt or anger? Do
you feel your words caused harm to that person?

In both instances, how did the hurtful things said affect your relationship? How did
you each respond?

Proverbs 18:7 states, “a fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul”.  Avoid speaking, saying or surrounding yourself around people who are speaking negative around or about you – it’s cursing the blessings God has for your life.  God says he has plans to prosper you, not to harm you; so avoid saying things such as: I’m broke, I have no money and I’m just barely making it by.  This (along with any other negative thing) all goes against the blessings God has in store for you.  Instead say, I’m wealthy, I have more than enough, my God shall supply all my needs, The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.

Begin speaking the Word of God over your life.  Find a scripture in the Holy Books that tells you what God has to say about your particular situation.  Example: the next time you want to say, “No one loves me” go to John 15:9 and speak what Jesus says about you, “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.”  How awesome is it to know that God loves you.

On today, make a decision.  Proverb 15:4 tells us that a tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.  Decide today that you will watch what departs from your lips.  Make a choice to speak God’s blessings over your life.  Through the power of the Holy Ghost we have the power to speak God’s blessings over our lives and with the same tongue (if used negatively) can speak curses over our lives.

In your life ever never speak Negative words like these:

  • I’m poor; I’m broke; I have no money
  • I have (name of disease), I’ll never get healed from it.
  • I’m ugly
  • I’m a failure
  • I’ll never find love
  • God doesn’t love me
  • My marriage is going to fail
  • I’m going to lose my job
  • I’m stupid
  • I’m a worrier
  • I’m sick and tired of

By speaking these words, you’re claiming it to be so in your life – you’re decreeing and declaring brokenness.  Even if you are sick, don’t go around claiming it, instead say you’re healed.  Do this for every other negative thing in your life.  Remember words are seeds that can yield a good or bad harvest in your life –depending on what you speak.

Instead Keep your self near God’s blessing over you through positive words like these:

  • I’m more than a conqueror
  • I’m prosperous
  • By the strips of God I am healed
  • My marriage is saved
  • My spouse and children are saved in the power of God
  • I have God’s favor upon my life
  • I’m the head and not the tail
  • I have my career job in God’s Name….

After all this, let us pray together to ask God in his Bless to guide us in our words and whatever we think.

Oh, Lord, I realize that there is power in the words that I speak. I pray that my words will build up not tear down, bless rather than curse, encourage not discourage. Let my mouth be filled with praise and worship. I pray that the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart will be acceptable in Your sight. AMEN

By: Finny

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