Season 1: If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, Let’s go together

08 Jan


It is my hope that you have began your Year with a lot of plans, vision and ambitions. But before we go that much far, I think we have to remind one another few things to consider while moving to what we are planned to accomplish by the coming December.

In this article we can see different things which me and you have to keep on mind and take it as our guidance in whatever ways we go.

The Journey of Success start with setting clear goal of your Life”

1) Review Your 2013.

Before you start a journey, whatever transport you are going to use, you have to check it and service it so that whatever long journey you are going you are sure to arrive safe. Then before going to what you have planned to do in 2014, review all your previous year plans. Look on what you achieved and what you don’t. If 2013 was your best year, make it possible for the 2014 to be more best, follow the way you passed through made you to achieve whatever best of 2013 and improve them for BIGGER and BETTER achievements. And if it was the hardest year ever in your life, that might be an opportunity to do better by learning through mistakes you gone through.

2013Do not ever sit back and blame about the hard time you passed through in previous year, do not blame anybody who ever dragged you back in your ways instead appreciate them because this show that you are ahead of them. Use whatever setback they put in you as an opportunity to move on whatever you want to achieve in life.
Remember that, people are there only to make you stay behind as they are, therefore you need personal courage to move on so that one day they will appreciate your achievements

 2) Start your New Year with everything New

In the beginning of a New Year you need to make everything  New in you, New goals, New hope, New Passion, New attitudes, New Vision and New….. New…

Brand yourself to be New, leave every shits you were doing before. If you are a Lady think like a man, change your old fashion way of life, dump all people who are there with you when you have something to make them happy, but when you are in hard time they leave you alone. The best example, thunk of your six (6) friends you used to be with in 2013, think of those time you were together, think of everything you did together…. the, count of those good things you did together and bad things too, think of what they were advising you to go through, you will discover who is the best friend and who was there to pull you back.

3) Dream BIG

Every person has his/her own life dreams, but most of us fail to differentiate between dreams and Night mayors, we take our Night Mayors as 1471199_10202117227108825_1831248093_nour life dreams. We have to know that the best dream is that we dream consciously and comfortable of what we are dreaming and not that we are dreaming at night when sleeping. Dream determine where we want to go, it reflect our future destiny…… it is true that everyone dream, but the problem is that we fail to dream BIG.

When you are dreaming you need to dream on those things which are out of your comfort zone, start dreaming of who you want to be in life, what you want others to learn from you then believe in your dreams, believe that you can achieve them, work hard for it, leave behind all excuses because these indicate that you are failure.

4) You are creator of your own Destiny

Too many people whine about not having the life they want. The main reason people fall short of their own expectations is the same reason most companies fail to achieve their objectives: poor planning and execution. In fact, I am amazed at how many successful executives create 1371667775410strategy for their business, leaving their life to chance. Often it’s more comfortable (note I didn’t say easier) to complain and blame outside factors for lack of accomplishment or unhappiness than to take time to work on life rather than in it.

You need to think like a rich man and not an average one; Average people see money through the eyes of emotion. Rich people think about money logically.

Money is like an extra emotion to poor people. They always have “money problems” and they’re always whining about it. For some damn reason they can’t ever have enough to pay rent and the car payment and the damn electric bill. I have been poor many times but I’ve never been so poor I couldn’t pay my bills and I’ve never been so poor I cried about it. Forget about money as emotion, it’s just a damn game making money. Think about it like you think about your next 15 chess moves. Don’t be like these idiots living paycheck to paycheck and never having enough. Here’s a simple solution: If you’re poor…..DOWNSIZE!

5) Limit is your own Mind.

We’ve all probably heard the old expression: “the sky is the limit.” However, is this really true when referring to our capabilities? This implies that man’s potential has a limit when in fact it is limitless. Our potential is essentially all that we can be or accomplish but have not yet done so. It is an ability we all posses within ourselves to excel to greatness that has not yet been utilized. Our minds have the amazing ability to create therefore it will always be our most powerful asset. Whatever you believe to be a realistic, achievable goal can only be accomplished if your mind can accept that it is indeed achievable.


“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” These are the immortal words of Napoleon Hill, a man who truly understood that “there are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.” You are only limited by your own thinking. Something that may seem impossible to someone may seem like a piece of cake to another. It all depends on our mindset and how we choose to view the world around us. Your potential as a human being is unlimited. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you will be ready to answer this next question: what do you want out of life? In other words, if money, health, education, or any factor was of no hindrance then what would you want in your life?

Remember that your vision is limited only by you. What you visualize can essentially become your reality. Most of us have been led to believe that we are nothing more than our current job titles: “accountant,” “plumber,” “driver,” etc. We have to start believing that we are much more than what society has made us out to be. Remember, you are not what you do. See yourself as perfectly capable of doing anything you desire. If you want to get what everyone else is getting, do what everyone else is doing. It is not difficult to see the results others are getting from what they are doing. The good news is you don’t have to do what they are doing. Find your own way. Utilize the potential within you.

6) Live free stress Life

1372347845123In order for you to live the life you want, you need to determine the cause or causes of your stress, anxiety and depression that is destroying your life, and, then follow the right path to a stress-free life.

Keep yourself away from those things that can stress you, find a good time to talk to yourself and learn to advice yourself before other advice you. From my own experience, at the time when my girlfriend dumped me I was near to die, I thought like I have no reason to live without her… I kept this in my own mind for about a month thinking that she will came back for me but I found myself in a situation that I was not speaking to anyone, I was Isolating myself and listed to sad musics thinking that I please myself, but the fact is that i was stressing myself. Thanks God I started my 2014 while am new, I tought and talked to myself and accepted the situation.

If you want to live a stress free life, learn to accept, create your own mind delete button… let it go if is your relationship keep you in hard time. Learn form your misted, ask a piece of advice.

If you have problem with your girlfriend, I recommend you to read How to Over a Breakup, ( I say it because experience shows that Most breakups are initiated by the female) It will help you to live Breakups free stress life.

7) Make your own ways

CowOthers can point the way, but you must make the journey. Others can give you their assistance and advice, but you must choose the direction of your life.

If you set out to live someone else’s dream, you’ll end up frustrated and disappointed. For you have your own special purpose, a purpose that would be deeply painful to deny.

That purpose is eager to face the greatest challenges and to grow intensely more meaningful in the process. Your purpose has a whole wonderful set of achievements that will bring great fulfillment to your life. No one, no matter how generous or well-intentioned, can give you everything you seek. For much of what you seek is to make your own way in life. No pleasure can compare to the pleasures you earn through your own efforts. No reward can equal the reward of creating your own achievements. Make the commitment, make the effort, and make your own beautiful way in life.

8) Stop waiting things to happen, Go and make then Happen

CrazyThis is great advice, too long did I wait around making no plans for my future. I was just hoping that somehow I would get something good from life. It never happened! Life just carried on, passing me by getting nowhere fast.

Stop waiting for things to happen. Go out and make them happen

What did happen was when I started searching out a way to better my life, I found solutions.

I’ll say that again, when I began looking, I found solutions. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I went from someone who was depressed, fed up, just waiting to get life over and done with to someone positive, enjoying life and creating a future that he wanted.

What sets succesful people apart from unsuccessful people?

Successful people go and make things happen! They don’t sit at home waiting for their lottery numbers to come, they go and get what they want?

Stop waiting for things to happen. Go out and make them happen

Do you want to be wealthy? What are you doing about it?

Do you want a promotion at work? What are you doing about it?

Do you want a new job? What are you doing about it?

Do you want a better marriage? What are you doing about it?

Life comes down to one thing: What are you doing?

Not thinking, not talking, DOING.

The great thing about doing is that it doesn’t have to be massive things, your doing can be a lot of small things. Think about this, even if you take one single step on your journey everyday, you will eventually get to your destination.

I want to encourage you today to take this message into your heart and mind. Decide what you want and go and make it happen.

I’ll leave you with this thought:

What has been the price you have paid so far in not going out and doing?

Go and make life happen!

Dare to believe, dare to be passionate.

By: Finland Bernard

To be continued……

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