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Regarding the issue of education I would like first before we look at what can be done to improve education, health or water to try to look at what exactly what led to the problems in these basic sectors of society.
From my perspective I see in the education sector the biggest problems are divided into three major groups .
1. Parents or society in general
2 . Teachers
3 . government and
4. Students themselves
And it exists only as many governments are demanding and complaining . I as a teacher I agree that the government is in one way or another can contribute at least not to the extent that we accuse .
For informal observations made ​​from suckling ‘ve employed to date have found that the community itself is not responsible enough to ensure that their children receive an education that will be helpful to them and deliver them logically , the more they remain complain and blame the government was not responsible .
For example in the county that I work in ( county of Kwakoa District Mwanga in Kilimanjaro , in primary school Ngulu ) have found kids tend registered first class while he can not read and write at the same time if you ask will be told they have read the early years ( kindergarten ) for more than two . The question that I’ve wondered Is All Over the previous two classes governments achieve this goal is to teach children to read and write? I have no doubt you will remain responsible for the parents. But after trying to ask I realized was that it was the problem lies in society itself , since parents have been reluctant to contribute very low fee of TZS two thousand (2000 ) per month including pay teacher who teaches children with cook porridge something that has led to a teacher of children they decided to do his own things and let the children roam the streets without being taught anything, while the parents are there and see what is going on , in reality they can not take action because they know that they are the source of the problem .
So this little investigation I can say that the main problem starts when parents fail to recognize their responsibility in ensuring that their children get what is best for the light of their lives . This leads to teachers of primary schools have a hard time in preparing these students and ultimately what ‘s happening to qualify seventh grade child with can not read or write.
On the other hand teachers we contributed significantly to the deterioration of education in Tanzania since there has been a tendency for teachers to complain too much and blaming the government that does not give them their rights but if you look at the reality is that even teachers also does not give rights to the students , teachers we were doing our job how we suppose to bring good fruit ‘m confident that even the government would endeavor to provide what they feel is right for them.
If we look for example why private schools than they are achieving public schools, we come to realize that when a person actually gets it right according to his work and fruit exposure to his work . Turning now to us teachers in public schools have had the opium of not doing work according to the principles and values ​​of our work for the only criterion that person to do or not to do at the end of the month should hire go , this has been a very serious problem and one way or another lime greatly retards the rate of literacy in the country.
In terms of three current source is the government which in turn has led to drastic exploits in the standard of education in the country. In reality we know that our country has not yet reached the level of pay to team any amount of wages they need , but at least partly government should ensure that teachers are given, the school becomes a sufficient infrastructure to get students to get basic needs during the education.
For example , you find a school that has students over three hundred has a book or two on the subject, more especially the humanities , and the book is a teacher so students do not have the opportunity to make reference to what they taught , even if the teacher is wrong regardless of their will live in it as they are part of making a reference , this is a problem that has to restore education in Tanzania .
The other thing in terms of government lies in the curriculum , this has become a big challenge because there have been changes in the curriculum all called today , it probably would not be the problem but the curriculum evolves those who are supposed to teach not given seminars to know that what is needed in these changes, too no dissemination of writing (books ) of the new curriculum in our schools , in this case , then I do not think there will be a performance thresholds while examinations are used to prepare different from that which we use to teach teachers .
Side of the fourth and last led the decline in the level of education according to my view are the students themselves, students and truly contribute to a very large percentage holding back profession. Students have to be people who want to hasten their lessons at all, they were doing things that truly are not in the curriculum and not the ethical thing has led many of their inability to finish their education .
For example , many students now have been involved in the subject of sex at a very young age , as a result many of them , especially girls, have been found to pregnancy which resulted in canceling their studies , this has been a serious problem , although the government has been undertaking efforts to combat this problem . But if you look at reality , even this problem comes to connect the problem of parents or society in general fail to know exactly what our appreciation for the importance of education to the child .
Also even if you look at the issue of children owning mobile phones while they are still in school , although to some extent it is the children themselves but also parents have their children buy them phone case that has sent good use in the non- interview . For example, contact with men who lure or even male students use to communicate with the girls . In my view this is one of the major problems that lead to undermine education in Tanzania.

What can be done to improve standards of education in
Considering these four sources in undermining education, in my view also , efforts to improve education must be in these four categories .
1. Parents are the ones who have a responsibility enormously in ensuring that their children receive the best education for their future , so parents should be responsible in monitoring the development of education for their children
2 . Given the education community to identify and recognize the importance of treasuring the subject of education for the local community and their families
3 . Community participation and given the opportunity to comment , share and criticize the government when other instruments as you go contrary to expectations , values ​​and in an orderly manner .
4. Communities to invest in education because education is the key to development of any kind as a person when education is educated to liberate logically .
1. The teachers work according to the principles and procedure and law that are set
2 . Teachers stop blaming the government’s behavior even when they themselves do not do justice to those who are supposed to serve
1. The government should ensure that there are enough teachers , books and other materials that are enabled students to learn all the time and in a particular order.
2 . Government to ensure that establishes clear procedures in changing the curriculum , and there when it comes to curriculum change then ensure that all materials to be used in the curriculum are available for sure in all schools in the country.
3 . The government should ensure that it has valued teachers as where there is an excellent working environment so performance should be better .
1. Students should ensure that they are in school studying hard, the world going their time well .
2 . Focus on teachers’ instructions .
3 . Avoid meddling in things that in one way or another was wasting shall fall on their ability to focus on subjects such as engaging in acts of sexual relationships that have significantly drop most of them young girls .

Written By Finland Bernard

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