He wanted to make Peace of His mind and he went through

28 Aug

People always think that Peace is absence of war, but slowly I come to realize that peace is more than that. For me peace is fulfillment  of all necessities for an individual to survive  happily life, interact with other, free sharing and receive information, access to food, health care, water supply, having good friends who will stand with you when in trouble and hard times, have access to better education which will free everyone from mental slavery.

It is grateful to have those people who will inspire others to challenge themselves toward promoting, creating and sustaining PEACE.


Peace always start inside, start with an individual, then spread slowly to others, and with togetherness everything change.

Today I speak of PEACE I recommend you to join the this initiative so that e can make world a better place for us and our coming generations.

When watched this movies I was really impressed and realized that “If youth could think like elders, we could ever have PEACE in the world. He made it at the age of 84. We really need to challenge our self, ask our self, when we will make the change?? When we die who will speak about us?? what the generation will learn and inspired by our actions!!

Let’s speak and act for the world PEACE


Rest In Peace Mr Kimani Ng’ang’a Maruge. My self I honor you with  The Nobel Peace Prize, you turned mind of the world.

By: Finny

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