From Our Lovely Reader: Reasons why there wont be war in Ghana

27 Aug

1. Over 85% of the population doesn’t
know how to use guns

2. Ghanaians would rather buy food
than weapons

3. University students wouldn’t want to
replace partying on Friday nights
with late night street fighting

4. Ghanaians need 100% peace of
mind when standing in
the line for waakye… it’s an emotional

5. Internet access in Ghana would go
offline…bored ohm would kill us faster
than the war itself

6. Our Nigerian friends like Akpors and
co would laugh at us

7. There will be a curfew after 6pm,
meaning there’ll be no
kelewele. There’s no Ghana without

8. There are lot of Ghanaians who rosh
paa, would make those fighting seem
like jon and yawa people

9. University Students “see themselves
too much” to stand in a long queue to collect rationed
food from UNHCR & other N.G.Os

10. Nobody will fight for John Mahama
or Akuffo Addo to become president… then they take
their children to Oxford and Cambridge whilst we
HUSTLE in UCC, UDS, Tech and UG

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