We need to pray for the world Peace

24 Aug

If not today, it might be tomorrow if this will not be addressed clearly…

For sure if your neighbor is in trouble, even you are in the same palace, no matter how far are you from the one in trouble, world has changed too, the are wild, the don’t care to one another.

When everyday I read about tragic event happen in the world I get confused whether we Tanzanian we are safe in such a way that we don’t need to campaign for peace, I don’t want to believe this.

We the Tanzanian Youth, we the change agent of the change that we want to see in our societies, we the catalyst of ware and peace, we the world of tomorrow. We really need to come together, discuss about our future Tanzania, we need to see all those actions which in turns will lead to clashes among our self, we need to have mutual understanding with strong cultural integration, strong feeling  of togetherness as one blood, we don’t need those happening in other world to take part in our lovely country, rather we need PEACE.

Today when I was passing through media I was shocked and felt like what if it was in Tanzania? where would I be now?… For really this is hurting…

A man looking at her child dying in his hand

A man looking at her child dying in his hand

Aug 21, 2013 – At approximately 3:00am this morning in Damascus, a year to the day after Obama’s infamous “red line” speech warning Assad about using chemical weapons, and as a specialized UN inspection team sleep in their hotels in Damascus, ostensibly there to investigate a CW attack 6 months ago, Assad launched his largest, most wide scale and most deadly attack using chemical weapons on the Damascus suburbs of Zamallaka and Ein Turma in the Eastern Ghouta area. The fallout from the attack was also felt in many of the surrounding districts.

Preliminary reports are that close to 600 people have been killed so far with thousands more injured from the effects of the gas which some are claiming, based on the symptoms seen, to be “weaponized cyanide”

In two days, you and the rest of the world will forget about this massacre the same way you forgot about the rest that have happened over the last 2+ years in Syria.
We Syrians however, will never forget. Not the martyrs and not the way the rest of the world sat by and watched this happen to us.
This won’t be forgotten in Syrian mind, but even us we need to pray for their hilling, and our safety too.
For more info picture and videos go here…
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